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Drivers 2 B 644 Hillcrest Dr. Waupaca, WI 54981 (715) 258-7887

The program for student drivers under the age of 18 consists of 30 hours of classroom instruction, six hours of driving and six hours of observation. This will meet the minimum state requirements.

If your student driver has successfully completed the classroom part of the drivers education program, six hours of behind- the- wheel and six hours of observation may be all that your student will need.

With the "Graduated Driver Licensing Law" your student will be required to have a minimum of six months of practice prior to being eligible to take the Department of Transportation Road Test. We hope that your student will not pick up any bad habits over the six month period, but if you would like to schedule a one hour "brush up" lesson prior to the road test please notify us.

Other programs available at DRIVERS 2 B are refresher courses and adult driving lessons. These are available at an hourly rate and can be scheduled for as much time as you are comfortable.

To enroll your student, please return the registration form along with a $75.00 deposit. This deposit will be applied to the program cost.

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